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Kona <a style=topamax 100mg French Press from IDYLC Homes” width=”300″ height=”300″ />The Kona French Press has a fun modern design which is appreciated by the best Baristas all over the world, who demand style and durability. This French Press is made by Idlyc Homes  and the company takes pride in incorporating top quality parts exclusively in the making of all their products.

The Kona French Press serving size capacity is 34 oz (1 liter/8-cup). Also comes in a smaller 12 oz size.

The carafe is made from borosilicate glass that makes it resistant to any thermal shock. The glass carafe is well protected by the design that thoughtfully wraps around the pot to minimize chips and cracks or breakage, but without sacrificing its looks. The heat resistant wrap and its tough plastic handle also helps to protect it if  you accidently knock or drop the unit. There are reviews from its consumers stating that they did drop the glass carafe, and even if it hit hard (bouncing off of the sink and onto the floor), the carafe did not break or crack. So it is good to know that the glass carafe of the Kona French Press can withstand our early morning coordination lapses. But take note that the cushioning plastic frame doesn’t protect you from the heat of the hot glass carafe it surrounds, you should be careful not to burn yourself.

Kona French Press - Borosilicate Glass


The plastic lid of the Kona French Press is made of HDPE and is BPA free, while the internal components are made of stainless steel. It features a 3-piece detachable stainless steel filter system, a metal plunger and a rubber plunger knob. Consumers can also get 2 extra filter screens which is good as the screen will accumulate coffee oils and grounds overtime that may prevent it from functioning at their highest level. The users of the Kona French Press just loved how the pieces fit and work together so nicely.

Kona Press - 3 Piece Stainless Steel Infuser Filter System


The KONA French press can be used for brewing coffee and loose tea as well. Consumers found that the French screen fits tighter in the carafe compared with other coffee presses, helping it to keep tea and grounds out of the brew. The press is also designed so that there’s no plastic coming into contact with the coffee while steeping. Be aware that the Kona French press is not insulated and will only keep the coffee or tea warm in the carafe for around 20-30 minutes. This is not a big issue, as it is best to decant the coffee or tea to avoid continuing extraction and it’s also best to serve coffee or tea fresh. Consumers will also get a handy measuring scoop that comes in the package.

KONA French Press ~ Best Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.7 stars (5,438 Customer Reviews)
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The parts of the press are “top rack” dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. But take caution when washing the carafe in the dishwasher as it can break if it is hit by something. It is perhaps better to hand wash the carafe. This won’t be an issue either because its generous size means that the hand can easily fit inside the carafe when cleaning.



The Kona French Press looks more stylish than other French press products available. This is Amazon’s best selling French Press. The Kona press also does not leave any grounds in your cup. This is a solid French press and the price is in range with its top competing products such as Bodum and SterlingPro. The Kona Press is an overall great product for the money.

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