Sterling Pro French Press Review

SterlingPro Coffee & Espresso Maker - 8 cupsThe Sterling Pro is simply a beautiful French Press and it makes an awesome gift for friends or families who love coffee. Out of the box, one will truly be impressed by how it looks and it will be a great addition to any kitchen. Anyone will be proud to use and display the Sterling Pro French Press.

The Sterling Pro French Press was first listed on Amazon in the beginning of November in 2013 and was ranked at 68,000 in Kitchen & Dining Category. In 2014, the press made huge progress and ranked in the top 15 Coffee Presses on Amazon. Now in 2015, the SterlingPro frequently gets the #2 spot as Best Sellers in Coffee Presses on Amazon (sometimes #1).

This SterlingPro Coffee and Espresso maker can make smooth, rich & robust tasting coffee without the bitterness of other brewing techniques. This French Press holds 34 oz. of water or 8 cups (4 oz each) of coffee.

The Sterlingpro chrome exterior is beautiful (crystal shining housing – frame and lid), the glass carafe is thick and clear (durable, heat resistant borosilicate glass), and fits firmly into the base. The glass carafe can also be removed from the metal frame for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. If you ever need to replace the glass beaker, you can easily find replacements since it has the same size and thickness as most other 8-Cup French Presses, the Primula Universal French Press 8-Cup Glass Beaker would be a good example. The SterlingPro also offers Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Press version and says goodbye to breakable glass carafes.

SterlingPro Coffee & Espresso Maker - Great for Gifts

So the Sterlingpro contains all glass and stainless steel except for: (1) Some plastic attached to the underside of the lid to keep the lid from getting too hot to touch. But it doesn’t buy generic topamax come in to contact with the coffee. (2) A plastic handle which is easy to hold.

SterlingPro - Double Screens System

The Sterlingpro was the FIRST French press to use DOUBLE SCREENS SYSTEMS. The 2nd screen pushes the 1st screen to tightly touch the glass all around, and catches any tiny grounds which may pass through the 1st screen. This ensures that there will be no coffee grounds in your cup. This feature is really a plus, since no one wants any grounds in their mouth when drinking coffee. Consumers will also get 2 extra replacement filter screens to continue make great coffee for a long period of time.

The SterlingPro Coffee & Espresso maker is easy to use. First time users of French press easily followed the instructions included in the package. They were able to make more flavorful coffee and did not get any grinds in their cup. Although, the French Press cannot really make real espressos, it can produce rich and robust coffee. You can also make tea using the SterlingPro.

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.3 stars (2,980 Customer Reviews)
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You should invest in a quality French press coffeemaker such as the Sterling Pro. The glass is thicker and won’t crack easily compared to low end coffee presses. The double-filter system proved to be a great advantaged of the Sterling Pro as most reviews stated that it actually works and never experienced any grounds in the coffee. Consumers were impressed with the taste and ease of use, they achieved a smoother flavor coffee and cleaning is a breeze. Little wonder why the Sterling Pro French Press has made huge progress and is now on top of the competition when it comes to French press coffee.

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