Best French Press Coffee Maker Picks 2017

A French press, (also called a coffee press, press pot, coffee plunger, Cafeteria, or cafetiere), is a piece of coffee brewing equipment patented by the Italian designer “Atillio Calimani” in 1929. The French press coffee maker was later  popularized by Household Articles Ltd. and in particular by Danish Tableware & Kitchenware company, Bodum.

Coffee purists praise the virtues of a French press, claiming that it produces the finest coffee flavor. A French press captures more of the coffee bean’s flavor and essential oils (since coffee grounds are fully immersed in hot water and essential oils are not filtered out), producing a fuller or bolder flavor, that’s often lost in paper filtered coffee makers. Inexpensive as they are, the coffee TASTE is the reason the French press became one of the most favored coffee makers all over the world.

When using a French press, coffee should be of a coarser grind compared to drip brew coffee filters so that the grounds don’t seep through the press filter and into the coffee. To brew a pot of coffee, place the coarse ground coffee in the French press and add hot water (195-205 degrees Fahrenheit / 2mins after boiling). You can start by pouring one-third of the hot water and slightly stirring, let it bloom for about 30 seconds, and add the remaining two-thirds of the hot water. Cover and let it brew for about 4 minutes. Press the plunger slowly and evenly to separate the grounds, holding them at the bottom of the beaker. Pour the brewed coffee into a thermos or a serving container in order to prevent further extraction or bitterness.

#1 KONA French Press –Coffee, Tea & Espresso Maker (34 oz | 1 Liter)

Kona French Press from IDYLC Homes
The Kona French press has a fun and modern design that will surely add charm to any kitchen counter. It has a high quality carafe (extra thick borosilicate glass) wrapped in a modern protective shield that prevents breakage. The internal components of the French press are made of stainless steel. Consumers speak highly of how solid and sturdy the Kona French press is. Aside from its high quality design, consumers noted that it can produce great tasting coffee, tea and espresso-like gourmet coffee. But the best part is they never experienced any coffee grounds in mouth. The Kona French press is also easy to use, even for first time users. Cleaning the unit is very simple, the glass carafe can easily be rinsed out and the detachable 3-piece stainless steel filter systems are easy to hand wash – both are top rack dishwasher safe as well. With the Kona French press you will also get a coffee scoop, 1 extra replacement screen and an offer to have another replacement screen by following some simple steps in the instructions. That’s now a total of 3 French press screens which is great and ensures that consumers will always brew great-tasting coffee using the Kona French press for a long period of time. The Kona French press sometimes gets the no.1 spot for best selling French Press on Amazon. See our review of the Kona French Press

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.7 stars (5,438 Customer Reviews)
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#2 SterlingPro Coffee & Espresso Maker, 34 oz

SterlingPro Coffee & Espresso Maker - 8 cups
SterlingPro Coffee & Espresso Maker - Great for Gifts

The SterlingPro coffee press is a top competitor of the Kona French press and sometimes gets the no.1 spot as Amazon’s best selling French Press. The SterlingPro was the first to use Double Screens System that ensures no grounds in the coffee – means no grounds in mouth. It has a stylish design and crystal-like shining housing, great as a gift or in your kitchen. It also features a very durable carafe, made of borosilicate glass (thick and durable) with chrome exterior, lid, plunger and a black plastic handle. The lid contains a plastic lining that doesn’t come in contact with any liquid, but offers insulation so it won’t be too hot to touch when pressing and pouring. For cleaning, the glass carafe is dishwasher safe and can be detached from the metal frame. Consumers are satisfied that the French press works as advertised. The product also comes with 2 extra replacement French filter screens and the product is shipped in a solid packaging. See our review of the SterlingPro French Press

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.3 stars (2,980 Customer Reviews)
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#3 Bodum Chambord 8 cup French Press Coffee Maker, 34 oz

Bodum became part of French press history, when they took over a small factory in Normandy in 1982, and popularized the device across Europe. One of the main reasons why Bodum took over the factory was because of an unknown coffeemaker called the Chambord, which the factory was producing as well. The Chambord is the original French press design from Bodum and hasn’t changed from its original drawing. “To make taste, not waste”, according to the company. The Bodum Chambord is made of glass and stainless steel materials which are entirely taste-free so that nothing interfers with the coffee grounds. This French coffee press lets you brew up to 34 ounces or 8 cups (4oz each cup) of ‘restaurant-quality’ coffee. The Bodum Chambord also received an award from the American Culinary Institute for the best French press coffee maker in 2004. Some of the important criteria in judging the award are safety, ease of use, and quality of the coffee produced. “No coffee press comes close to Bodum for beauty and durability”, say satisfied users of the Bodum Chambord. This French press comes highly recommended, although it costs a bit more compared to our top 2 French press coffee maker picks. See our review of the Bodum Chambord

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.5 stars (1,011 Customer Reviews)
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#4 GROSCHE MADRID Premium French Press Coffee and Tea Maker, 34 oz

The Madrid offers a wildly distinctive design that exploded in popularity, making it the top selling premium French press of the brand, Groshe. Featuring a stainless steel filter along with a secondary filter at the lid, it guarantees no grounds in the coffee when drinking. The French press also features a premium chrome housing and a handmade beaker (borosilicate glass) which can be removed for easy cleaning or replacement – both are dishwasher safe. The Madrid has a modern and eye-catching design which is perfect in the kitchen. Consumers can also expect to have great-tasting coffee or tea when using the Groshe Madrid Premium French Press. For the purchase of every Grosche product, the company will provide five days of safe drinking water for people in need through their program GROSCHE SAFE WATER.

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.6 stars (736 Customer Reviews)
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#5 Bodum Brazil French Press Coffeemaker, 34 oz

The Bodum Brazil has an attractive, functional design and is affordable. In fact, the Bodum Brazil has the most affordable choice in our French press coffeemaker picks. It features an ultra-light glass beaker (borosilicate) and a polypropylene base and handle, making it easy to use and providing topamax online pharmacy added durability. The domed lid is also made of a smooth polypropylene and contains Bodum’s special safety and aroma seal that keeps coffee warm. All parts of the French press are dishwasher safe, for easy cleaning. The Bodum Brazil French press comes in different size caps: 3-Cup or 12-Ounce and 8-Cup or 34-Ounce. And with different colors to choose: black, red and lime green. See our review of the Bodum Brazil

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.5 stars (1,828 Customer Reviews)

Best Stainless Steel French Press

The Glass French press is the most commonly used by coffee connoisseurs. But consumers should also consider the Stainless Steel French Press which can keep hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold longer than glass versions. Since it is made of stainless steel, the press is extremely durable and built to withstand the test of time. Even though stainless steel French press is priced higher than glass, consumers will no longer have the troubles of breakable glass beakers or carafes. This also means that consumers will actually save money. The stainless steel French press is a worthy investment in the long run.


#6 Frieling Polished 18/10 Stainless Steel French Press, 36 oz

The Frieling stainless steel French press features a double wall construction that can retain heat 4 times longer than glass. It can also keep cold beverages such as juice and water cooler, longer, great for summer. The French press can brew coffee and loose tea, producing a rich tasting brew with exceptional taste. Consumers of the Frieling French press stated that it may not be the cheapest, but the device works extremely well, is very attractive and quite substantial. Brewed coffee comes out hotter compared to glass carafes, a definite plus. It is dishwasher safe as well for effortless cleaning. The stainless steel French press comes in different sizes and finishes – 8 oz, 16 oz, 23 oz and 36 oz; mirror finished exterior with a brushed finish interior or both the exterior and interior are brushed finish. The Freiling also includes a 5-Year manufacturer’s warranty. See our review of the Frieling Polished Stainless Steel Press

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.7 stars (1,294 Customer Reviews)
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#7 SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press, 34 oz

SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press
SterlingPro - Internal Design

While the #2 SterlingPro French press (glass version) is great as a gift, here is the SterlingPro French Press (stainless steel version) which is the no.1 best-selling and most sort after item in Gourmet Coffee Gifts on Amazon. The SterlingPro costs less than the #6 Frieling French Press. And just like the glass version, the SterlingPro Stainless Steel French Press features ‘Double Screens System’ that ensures no grounds in the coffee. Additionally, the French press has a ‘double wall construction’ that keeps the coffee warmer, for longer while the outside construction stays cool to touch. Consumers love the simplicity of the design and its sturdy construction. A coffee press that impresses! This French press is excellent for both tea and coffee drinkers. Consumers will also get 2 extra French press screens as a bonus that ensures they continuously make quality coffee or tea when using the SterlingPro Stainless Steel French Press for a long period of time. See our review of the SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel Press

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.8 stars (697 Customer Reviews)
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#8 Bodum Columbia Stainless-Steel Thermal Press Pot, 34 oz

The Bodum Columbia is an attractive stainless steel unit in a polished finish and features a double wall construction that keeps coffee or tea hot for up to 2 hours. Inside the unit is a silicone and mesh plunger that prevents scratching, provides more complete filtration & reduces sediment. Consumers liked everything about this French press, with the exception of some plastic parts. Yes, there are some plastic parts in the plunger. Some consumers complained, while for some it has never been a problem, and some did not even notice. But most consumers do agree that the Bodum Columbia is an outstanding French press, durable, easy to clean and makes the best coffee. Read our review

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.5 stars (541 Customer Reviews)
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New Stoneware French Press

#9 Le Creuset Stoneware French Press, 27 oz

Le Creuset Stoneware 27oz. French Press, Flame

Le Creuset, are makers of premium kitchenware, cookware, bakeware and wine accessories with the highest standards for anyone who loves to prepare delicious food and drinks, including coffee. Le Creuset offers the new Café collection that features dense stoneware which blocks the moisture absorption to avoid cracking, rippling and crazing. It includes an impermeable exterior enamel that can resist stains and scratches. A glazed interior which allows for rapid removal of food & drink residue for a quick cleanup, and parts are dishwasher safe as well. Consumers loved the elegant design and the solid build, making it the new favorite French press. The stoneware is more durable, beautiful and keeps the coffee hot longer compared with their previous glass French press. They also get compliments when friends see them. Even if it’s a bit pricey for some consumer’s taste, it gets the job done beautifully and makes the quality coffee of a great French press. Le Creuset always makes excellent and very reliable products for sure.

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.4 stars (49 Customer Reviews)
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Best Travel Mug French Press

#10 Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press, 15 oz

Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug

You can now enjoy a single-serve (15-Ounces of French Press coffee) with Bodum’s TRAVEL mug French press. The travel mug is made of stainless steel, featuring a double wall construction plus a vacuum seal that maintains the heat for hours, but remains cool to touch. Additionally, a silicone and mesh filter is also incorporated in the travel French press mug to reduce sediments. Other features include the non-slide rubber base and ergonomic grip that has colorful silicone bands to choose from in – black, red, lime green and off white.

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.4 stars (437 Customer Reviews)
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Considering an AeroPress?

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker – Since the introduction of AeroPress in 2005, it has gained traction in the world of coffee. While the French press is made of high quality, durable materials it comes at the expense of weight. The AeroPress is almost unbreakable, but weights almost nothing. Great for campers, frequent travelers, and could be your new favorite kitchen toy. But the AeroPress can only brew one mug at a time, producing espresso or Americano style coffee. To brew a cup of coffee, water and coffee grounds are mixed together for around 10 seconds, and then gentle air pressure pushes the mix down through a filter in 20 seconds. Total brewing time will be only take 30 seconds, resulting in an unparalleled smooth brew.

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.6 stars (4,111 Customer Reviews)
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