No-Heat Coffee Brewing for Enthusiasts with BodyBrew

Coffee has taken a huge space in the world of culinary specialties because of its flavor and ability to boost up the body’s energy. People of different races have learned various methods to roast and brew coffee beans to bring about flavor that suits their own taste and predilection. Most of these methods involve brewing coffee using hot water.

For those who want something even better and tastier, BodyBrew has introduced the Bod, which extracts the perfect brew out of your chosen coffee beans using cold water, slowly but surely.


Following the release of the Hourglass coffeemaker, the Bod has been revamped with some improvements and includes the Bean Kanteen, a built-in storage container. A shorter version of the prior design, the Bod surprisingly produced more coffee than the Hourglass.

Bob Neace, CEO of BodyBrew, tells Gizmag that the Bod “is 15% more efficient, which means it produces 15% more coffee extraction overall”.

On the outside, the Bod also looks like an hourglass, just like its predecessor.

Apart from boasting about the 24-oz or 680 g storage container, this innovative coffee machine has a cold brew extraction chamber using stainless filter, and a count-up timer to allow those who are willing to wait longer to enjoy a more satisfying brew.

By mixing approximately three cups of water with 2 cups of coffee grounds in the chamber and allowing it to brew for a good 12-24 hours or more, coffee aficionados can then enjoy cold brewed coffee.

The Bean Kanteen is where the final product is sent after hours and hours of cold brewing. It can easily be removed.

The concept of cold brew coffee is just like slow cooking any type of food, which is contrary to the fast-paced daily lives that people have today.

“Cold brewing steeps the coffee grounds & that takes time. Time substitutes the need for heat. And just like great wine or food, it also takes time to produce the great taste & health benefits.” Bob said.

To make up for the slow and time-consuming process, the extract could easily be stored away in the refrigerator for up to two weeks generic topamax without losing a bit of its flavor. Hot brew coffee cannot be stored the same way since the flavor is lost very quickly. Cold brew can be stored and later on consumed cold or hot, whichever is more suitable or desired.

Apart from the revolutionary process that the Bod has brought coffee lovers, it also does not require electricity to operate, and does not involve paper filters—great features that make it environment-friendly. It also enables rebrewing of used grounds while still delivering the same flavorful cups of coffee after the required period of time.

The Bod, in addition to its green perks, has a fully modular build, with every little part placed with purpose. It includes Bean Kanteens in different sizes (6 oz/170 g for the Mini Bean Kanteen or 3.4 oz/96g for the Baby Bean Kanteen) for portability in case users want their coffee as they go.

The unit is also made with Tritan, a material that is free from BPS, BPA, PVC, and Pthalate, which are known to be health-damaging ingredients. It can be washed using dishwashers without worrying about damage, and is shatter proof.

It takes up a very small space on counter tops as its overall size is an acceptable 6.5 in (16.5cm) in diameter, and 12.5 in (31.75 cm) in height. The manufacturer says it will be available in grey, black, blue, and white.

Bob said that his grandfather cold brewed the coffee inside a bucket with cheesecloth. I loved how his coffee tasted, then I became very interested in it. There are many years that have passed and, back in 2005, I was searching for a cold brew coffeemaker, and couldn’t find any but a cold brewer that was a bucket & a cork. I then believed that we could build something much better and the rest is history.” Bob ended.

As of press time, BodyBrew has secured more than $43,000 by accepting pre-orders for the Bod™ since last week.

Date: June 15, 2015

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