DIY Vacuum Coffee Maker Made of Light Bulbs

DIY Vacuum Coffee Maker

There are coffee lovers who are also do-it-yourself die-hards. A famous YouTuber in Europe, Rulof Maker posted a cool video this year (2015) about a do-it-yourself coffee maker. The Italian youtuber demonstrates how to make a vacuum coffee maker made of old light bulbs. Although this isn’t for beginners and it requires skills,  odds are that you will not find anything more satisfying than to finish this DIY project with your own hands. Rulof figured a way to convert old light bulbs into a fully functional vacuum brewer in this 8-minute video.


The things you’ll need for this DIY vacuum coffee maker:

  1. Three old light bulbs and a couple of light bulb holders
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Paper filter, dropper, metal washers and a rubber gasket
  4. Metal wire, silicon and super glue
  5. Strong magnets
  6. Tools needed are screw driver, pliers and scissors
  7. Hand gloves and face mask for safety purposes


Rulof’s DIY Vacuum Brewer

By heating water from the bottom bulb (water chamber) with flame, all water from the bottom goes on the top and starts to mix with the coffee grounds. After judging that coffee has reached the right color and strength, turn off the flame and watch the brewed coffee vacuum down, back to the bottom bulb. Coffee that comes down is very clean and very interesting to taste, said Rulof on the video.

The brewed coffee using the DIY vacuum coffee brewer comes out very strong. The coffee color looks strong and brewed coffee tasted really strong, according to Rulof. He also buy topamax online usa added that the smell of the coffee is very nice.

Some Helpful Comments to Consider

There are considerations to take note that weren’t mentioned on Rulof’s video:

  1. Light bulbs should be washed thoroughly using soap and water prior building the DIY coffee maker.
  2. You should also use a torch for smoothing out the circular edge of the upper light bulb. This will prevent it from cracking when assembling the bulbs.
  3. It is very important to ensure that there isn’t a single scratch on all bulbs used, it might implode under vacuum.

Note that the light bulb materials are not meant for use when making food or drinks. It definitely contains some industrial adhesives and a high amount of lead, and who knows what else it might contain. Additionally, it looks like a drug lab (kidding aside). But Roluf Maker did an awesome job and went with his creativity in making a DIY coffee maker, and who knows that the idea could contribute to other DIY coffee maker enthusiasts which will lead on to a better DIY coffee maker in the future. Do-it-yourself coffeemakers can also be a good collection to have, especially if you are a coffee lover or just simply like to collect things. There are numerous DIY guides or videos on the internet in making various types of coffee brewers that would certainly interest coffee lovers and collectors.


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