How Many Calories in Coffee – sugar, cream and extras

Varietes of CoffeeWhat are calories?  Calorie is a unit of energy. A calorie is also a unit of measurement – calories pertain to the consumption of energy by drinking and eating and usage of energy through physical activities. For example, a medium (6 oz) banana contains 101 calories, while an hour of walk may use 240-360 calories depending on the weight of a person.

How many calories do we need in a day? It’s really hard to tell since each person requires a different amount of calories in a day. But to give you an idea – the National Health Service (NHS) in UK says that the average man needs 2,500 calories each day and 2,000 for average women, while the US government says 2,700 and 2,200 respectively.

Drinking in Calories. We mostly get our calories from drinks. We take in 21 percent of calories on average from drinks. A drink that is sweetened with sugar could undo the results of working out at the gym. So from a point of view of limiting calorie intake, the best drinks to have are water, coffee and tea without or with very little sugar.

Calories in Coffee

An 8 oz cup of coffee contains 1 calorie only and no fats. While a 12 oz can of cola contains 138 calories. This means that coffee contains very little calories. BUT we drink our coffee by adding sugar, milk and other flavorings that complement our taste. With the added extras, we also add calories. See the number of calories of 1 tablespoon of these following extras will add to the coffee:

  • Whipping cream: 52 calories
  • Cream (Half & Half): 20 calories
  • Table sugar: 49 calories
  • Skim milk: 5 calories
  • Maple syrup: 51 calories
  • Corn syrup: 57 calories
  • Honey: 63 calories

Coffee: 16 oz = 2 calories

Coffee with sugar: 16 oz + 2 tbsp sugar = 100 calories

Coffee with cream & sugar: 16 oz + 2 tbsp sugar + 2tbsp cream = 204 calories

Calories in Coffee with Milk and Sugar

COFFEE & EXTRASServing (g)Calories
Coffee & Skimmed Milk100g11
Coffee & Skimmed Milk & 1 Sugar100g34
Coffee & Semi Skimmed Milk100g15
Coffee & Semi Skimmed Milk & 1 Sugar100g38
Coffee & Whole Milk100g21
Coffee & Whole Milk & 1 Sugar100g45

Tips: If you are monitoring your calorie intake, better switch from cream or full cream milk to skim milk. Also choose a smaller serving and avoid adding more sugar.

Espresso Coffee: 1 oz = 1 calorie
Brewed Coffee: 8 oz = 2 calories
Brewed Decaf Coffee: 8 oz = 0 calories

Calories in Coffee from Coffee Outlets or Shops

BEVERAGEVolume (oz)Calories
Dunkin Donuts Brewed Coffee1015
Dunkin Donuts Latte10120
Dunkin Donuts Cappuccino1080
Dunkin Donuts Mocha Swirl Latte10230
Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee (w/out milk)1610
McDonald’s Brewed Coffee (medium)164
McDonald’s Latte16180
McDonald’s Cappuccino16130
McDonald’s Iced Coffee (Regular)17280
Starbucks Brewed Coffee165
Starbucks Latte16220
Starbucks Cappuccino16140
Starbucks Mocha (w/out whip)16290
Starbucks Mocha (whip)16360
Starbucks Americano1615
Starbucks Hot Chocolate (w/out whip)16330
Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino16240


It is better when most of the time you make your own coffee at home. You have control of what you want to add in your coffee and the amount.

You can go for sugar-free sweeteners which are becoming more popular nowadays. Skim or low fat milk is also ideal. Moreover, by adding hints of cinnamon or nutmeg can also replace an extra packet of sugar since it makes the flavor more deep and balanced.



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