Introducing the Bodum Columbia French Press

Bodum Columbia French Press
Fastest, easy and space saving all describe the Bodum Columbia French Press It’s also two items in one. It doubles as a coffeemaker and insulated thermos.
The French press is easy to use and can be used to brew a variety of hot beverages including black or flavored coffees or teas. The pot itself can hold a capacity of 34-ounces or 1-litre and stands a total of 8 and a half inches tall with plunger. All parts are stainless steel and the outer surface of the pot has been polished to a mirror finish.The Bodum stainless steel French press is an easy way to brew coffee. You simply add hot water, then the coffee grinds or tea bags and slowly ‘press’ the grinds or tea bags through the water until they reach the bottom of the pot. What you have done is the opposite of a drip style coffeemaker where gravity pulls water through coffee grinds or teas bags in a filter resulting in a hot beverage at the other side of the filter. With a French press you push the coffee grinds or tea bags through the hot water resulting in a hot beverage on top of the plunger.

A Bodum stainless steel French press is a quick and easy way to brew a hot beverage without having to rely on a machine being plugged into a power outlet to operate. You don’t have to wait the three to five minutes it takes for the average coffee machine to brew your drink. You just plunge and pour. The double-walled construction of the pot will keep your full 34-ounces of coffee or tea hot for up to two hours, which makes this a great coffeemaker for taking camping, traveling or for use in and around the home when you don’t want to go through the motions with a regular coffee machine.

The stainless steel French press has a safety lid that twists closed and has a large handle where the pot itself is designed with an oversized ergonomic handle for ease of use. The complete package includes a measuring spoon and instruction manual. The thermal pot is dishwasher buy topamax safe and measures roughly 5 and a quarter inches by 7-inches by 8 and a half inches. This particular Bodum French press coffeemaker is part of the new Columbia line that the manufacturer says is designed to provide a slightly contemporary style with function built to last and easy to clean construction through the use of stainless steel.

What users say

Online reviews for this stainless steel French press are positive and upbeat. The sleek look that results from the polished stainless steel earns this product much praise as does the fact that the same material is used in the construction of the plunger. The quality of this product shines through in not just how it looks but also in how it performs. The plunger action is smooth and thorough and the double-walled thermos is a great added feature. The length of time it will keep beverages hot is a topic of debate online with some reports saying a partially full pot will stay warm only just over half an hour. Regardless, there is little debate on how much flavor comes from the Bodum Columbia French Press.

The size of the pot, at 34-ounces, and the twist lid, handles on both the lid and pot and that this is dishwasher safe are all added bonuses according to online reviewers. The only issues that appear to get any mention online include the chrome top plate which some feel does not fit in with the rest of the stainless steel construction and the silicon filter ring which easily stains from the coffee it is forced to push through. Even the size of the pot is an item that not all reviewers were happy with. They are likely not morning coffee drinkers who require copious amounts of caffeine to start their day. Despite these comments, this Bodum Columbia French press is certainly a great kitchen appliance. It probably won’t replace your electric coffee machine but it will make a great alternative when needed.

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.5 stars (683 Customer Reviews)
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