Cuisinart DCC-2650 Brew Central 12-Cup Review

Cuisinart DCC 2650 Brew Central Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass CarafeCuisinart was originally founded in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer. He was inspired by food processing appliances that he found in France. After winning a number of endorsements from celebrity chefs such as Julia Childs, Cuisinart became a favorite appliance manufacturer for thousands of Americans.

Even though Cuisinart was sold to Conair in 1989, it is still known as one of the best brands for cutting-edge, durable kitchen appliances. Needless to say, the Cuisinart DCC-2600 series of coffee makers has been well received by the American public, and the Brew Central model is a favorite for both large and small families as well as those who tend to have large gathering on a regular basis.

Features of the DCC-2650 Programmable Coffeemaker

The DCC-2650 12 cup replaces the DCC-2600 model in the Cuisinart 2600 series.This Coffeemaker w/ Glass Carafe is ideal for anyone who enjoys awesome features adding convenience and preferences, such as adjusting brew strength, maintaining temperature and brewing in advanced. You can also easily brew just one cup of coffee or s many as 12 and still get delicious flavor.

Best features of this unit include:

  • can pause brewing if you want to pour some coffee in the middle of making a larger pot of coffee
  • heating plate allows for warm, medium, and hot coffee
  • brew strength selector
  • 24 hour timer for automatic brewing
  • has a self cleaning cycle

Benefits of the Brew Central Coffeemaker w/ Glass Carafe

Aside from more conventional features, the Brew Central 12-Cup programmable Coffeemaker w/ Glass Carafe comes with some features that account for coffee taste that you might not give much thought to. This particular coffee maker is also less expensive to maintain, given that you do not need to buy paper filters to hold coffee grinds.

Here are some benefits you are sure to enjoy:

  • Charcoal filter used to remove chlorine and other chemicals from water
  • Washable and reusable coffee filter
  • 60 second memory that stores brew settings in case of short power outages
  • Unique water distribution design ensures water sprays equally over all coffee grounds instead of just one small area.


Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.3 stars (840 Customer Reviews)
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What Users Like about Brew Central Coffeemaker

A number of users that rely on municipal water supplies noted that the Brew Central Coffeemaker made an enormous difference in the taste of brewed coffee. They were very impressed with the change in coffee aroma after the removal of chlorine and other chemicals.

Several users also noted that they didn’t need as much coffee because the water distribution system enabled more coffee grounds to actually be used.

Some other things consumers liked about this model include:

  • The capacity to set up the coffee maker 24 hours in advance and have coffee made on time
  • Self cleaning cycle that made it easier to enjoy buy topamax 50mg perfect coffee without water deposit buildup
  • 3 year warranty had special appeal for those with large families that relied on this coffee maker for brewing large amounts of coffee
  • Washable filter made it easier to always have a coffee filter on hand
  • Pause brewing was ideal for those brewing an unexpected cup of coffee for a large gathering
  • Brew strength selector was very appealing to those who wanted either stronger or weaker coffee for a special purpose
  • Those who brew coffee once a day were very happy with variable hot plate temperature that ensured consistent heat and flavor cup after cup.

What Users Don’t Like about the Coffeemaker

Even though the Brew Central Programmable Coffeemaker has a lot to offer to consumers, some felt that it has serious limitations.

For example, many coffee enthusiasts feel that a cup of coffee is an 8 oz cup, not 5. Since the Brew Central Coffeemaker w/ Glass Carafe measures cups in 4 oz, that means consumers had to set the dial for 2 cups of coffee, and then wind up wasting 2 ounces.

Those who brew coffee and want it to stay warm all day long also noticed an issue with the auto shut off system. While this may be touted as a safety feature, some users felt that the auto shut-off should not be time dependent.

Since Cuisinart is known for cutting edge appliances, it should come as no surprise that consumers were looking for some type of sensor that would only shut the coffee maker off because of a fire in the room or some other tangible problem.

Some other noted issues include:

  • Takes longer to brew coffee than other models of similar capacity
  • Cannot turn off brew completion sound. This was especially irritating to those that wanted to brew coffee during hours when other people were sleeping
  • Charcoal filter needs to be replaced in order to keep flavor and coffee odor consistent
  • Difficult to add water to reservoir if insufficient space allowed on the counter where coffee maker is placed. In that sense, the relatively small footprint of the coffee maker was useless because it is not easily used in small spaces.


If you need a reliable programmable coffeemaker that offers more serving size, the Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is an ideal drip coffeemaker choice. For example, if you are having an office party or small gathering, the 5 oz coffee cup size will not be of much bother to visitors, and can also save you some money on coffee.

This particular model is also ideal for people that need to work for long stretches of time and often need more coffee on a regular basis. Those who are also looking for different brew strengths and durable appliances may also find this particular coffee maker more appealing than others in the same class.