Bunn Velocity Brew Coffee Maker Review

Make Your Best Coffee with the Bunn Velocity Brew

Bunn Velocity BrewThe Bunn Velocity Brew is fast and efficient. You can brew four to ten cups of coffee in about three minutes. When you are in need of that early morning kick start, you’ll be comforted to know that your wait will be no longer than three minutes. This Bunn coffee maker comes with a double wall, vacuum insulated thermal carafe. This allows it to keep coffee warm up to two hours without additional power being used on the coffee machine itself.

Other great features include a uniquely designed spray head that ensures there is an even and complete extraction of coffee flavor giving you a full body taste to each cup and pot of coffee made. The stainless steel internal hot water tank enables this machine to maintain the optimal brewing temperature of 200-degrees F and the double wall construction of the carafe makes it strong enough to put up with use in the dishwasher.

The Bunn Velocity Brew is not your average Bunn 10 cup coffee maker as it has a built-in 800-watt heater and internal thermostat. There’s also a close and brew lid to make it even easier to get to that first cup of coffee and there is also something identified as a Vacation Switch. You can set a timer to have your coffee ready anytime you like and since each unit is constructed entirely in the United States you are assured of quality backed by the 40 years of history attached to the Bunn name.

Add to this the contemporary styling of the Bunn Velocity Brew and you will have an attractive appliance that looks as if it was from a commercial kitchen sitting on the counter in your own home. Included in the package is protection from the manufacturer in the form of a three year limited warranty.

Online reviews of the Bunn Velocity Brew are good. Many consumers find the Bunn brand to be better than their current brand so when switching to this product, consumers rarely switch back. This has a lot to do with the quality of the Bunn products and it also says a lot about topamax online buy some of the innovative design features they have incorporated into their line of coffee machines. The fast brew time is a bonus to many online reviewers with some noting previous coffee machine owned by other manufacturers taking much longer than the “up to three minutes” promised by Bunn.

When it comes to coffee machines, consumers typically measure the coffee flavor as a guide in determining the kind of quality to expect from a brewer. The Bunn Velocity Brew scores high marks for the flavor it produces and credit must be given to the unique spray head design used in this item. The fact that this machine will also do a great job of just heating water to 200-degrees F it means you can also make a decent cup of tea with help from this Bunn 10 cup coffee maker.

The fact that the carafe is double-walled and vacuum insulated gives it much value as it is dishwasher safe and it will keep coffee warm for up to two hours. These points receive much praise in online reviews. Bunn is a brand known for the construction of commercial grade coffee machines and there are not many office buildings without one tucked away somewhere. The design of this brewer is dynamic and has a commercial look to it which hints at durability and strength. The manufacturer hits both of these points on center with the quality construction that consumers have also noted in review posts online.

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.1 stars (1596 Customer Reviews)
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The bottom line is, if your coffee routine demands a brewer that can stand up to long term, regular use without sacrificing coffee flavor or quality, then this could very well be the coffee machine for you. It won’t look out of place wherever you choose to put it and it will last a long time. The value versus cost is high as a result and the strength in the history of the manufacturer makes the Bunn Velocity Brew one of our top picks for a Drip coffee maker.

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