Useful Information on Drip Coffee Makers

 Automatic Drip Coffee Maker
A drip coffee maker is the most basic type of coffee machine, and you can find it in many home kitchens. They vary in brewing capacity from 4 – 12 cups of coffee stored in a glass or thermal carafe. They are also very popular for their programmable features that offer ease of use, plus convenience, and consistency in making quality coffee. Most drip coffee makers that can heat water to the ideal brewing temperature of 205 degrees Fahrenheit, (required to produce excellent brewed coffee), have very few programmable features, but they are still easy to use. In contrast, those drip coffee machines that offer more programmable features for convenience, mostly aren’t able to heat water to the ideal brew temperature. Despite this flaw, they still produce quality brewed coffee that’s acceptable to the majority of the consumers. It is one preference that you have to weigh up when getting a drip coffee maker, taste vs. convenience.

Benefits of Drip Coffee Makers

The “set it and forget it” feature that automatic drip coffeemakers offer has been very helpful for busy people who love to drink coffee. These are some of the benefits:

  • Automatic features makes brewing coffee simple – Programmable drip coffee makers can almost do everything, except buying the coffee of course.Most drip coffee makers can be programmed in advanced to brew coffee. You just set the timer and have it waiting when you want it.
  • Brewed coffee can stay warm for hours – Most (if not all) automatic drip coffee makers feature a warming plate found underneath the pot which keeps coffee warm for hours when a glass carafe is used. Otherwise, the thermal carafe will keep the pot of coffee warm even without having a warming plate.
  • Drip system produces lighter flavored brewed coffee – Despite what coffee purists say about French Press making richer coffee, some do not like its oily taste. An auto-drip coffee maker filters out the oil and keeps coffee tasting lighter.


Features to Look Into When Buying Drip Coffeemaker

  • Serving Size Capacity – Ask yourself how many cups do you need to brew at one time? Is it only for you, for couples, or for the family? topamax price online Also note that a cup in most coffeemakers measures 5 ounces.
  • Programmable Settings – It is advisable to know the features of a drip coffee machine that can work around the needs of your busy schedule.
  • Pause & Serve – This is one feature that many consumers like in a coffee machine. It lets you stop the brewing process momentarily so you can get a cup of mid-brew coffee if you feel the need and will continue to brew when the carafe is placed back on the machine.
  • Easy to Clean – There are coffee makers designed so that the parts that need to be cleaned can be detached with ease and are dishwasher safe as well.
  • Filter Type – You can choose paper filters or coffee makers that include permanent filters. This would have an impact on how easy the machine is to clean and to operate.
  • Water Filter – Now, there are many coffee machines which include a water filter that could eliminate chlorine, bad odors, and tastes from tap water. This is something that you must take into consideration, given that coffee contains 98% water.



Should You Get A Drip Coffee Machine?


You should get a drip coffee machine when convenience is the central aspect for you of having a coffeemaker. Honestly, most people are not that picky in terms of coffee flavor and will not notice a big difference in taste. Many automatic drip coffee makers of today have features including, automatic start and stop buttons, alarm clocks, adjustable temperature controls, number of cups in a brew cycle, coffee strength, built in grinders and more.

Getting an automatic drip coffee machine would also be less expensive when compared to other types of coffee makers, such espresso machines, and even single serve coffee makers that use pods and will cost you more in the long run.

Automatic drip coffee makers are the most common way of brewing coffee today and the machine will do most of the work in brewing a pot of hot coffee.

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