SpaceXpresso: finally, long-suffering astronaut gets her coffeemaker

Italian Samantha Cristoforetti finally welcomes the arrival of the Dragon supply capsule.Much needed supplies of groceries & experiments were delayed because of the launch explosion last year.Going into outer space is one thing, but, if you’re an Italian and in space for months without the proper coffee, it another thing entirely.
On a Friday morning (April 17, 2015) the SpaceX ship that carries the supplies finally arrived at the ISS (International Space Station), bringing wit it, Earth’s first expresso maker that is designed specifically for the astronauts.

Three days after its launch in Florida, it finally arrived. Samantha Cristoforetti, an Italian astronaut, gave her warmest welcome to the Dragon capsule. Samantha began her mission back in November and from then on, she got stuck using instant coffee. Getting it by the help of a giant arm robot, Samantha said: “It has been just amazing. Loads of science & even coffee is in there, so that is pretty exciting”.

The carrier holds more than 1,800kgs of the much needed groceries, science experiments and equipment. The espresso maker is 3 months late due to the backlog that was created by last buy topamax uk year’s loss in a launch explosion. And if it had been much later, the espresso machine would have missed Samantha, who is returning home next month. She also said that she cannot wait to experience some space espressos.

The Dragon would remain at the orbiting lab ‘til about May 21, and then will be released carrying science experiments & discarded equipment for the return to Earth. And it is the only supply ship that is capable of bringing the items back. The newly landed research items will also contain experiments for Scott Kelly, an American astronaut who is few weeks away from completing a 1-year mission, which is going to be a record for NASA.


Meanwhile, a video released showing the ship’s first-stage booster has landed on an ocean platform after liftoff, tipping on flames.

This was just the third attempt of the company to fly a booster rocket to the platform that’s stationed off north eastern coast of Florida. The next try will happen this June on its next supply run for Nasa.

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