The 10 Most Expensive Coffee Machines

Coffee has long been considered as a powerful gift from Mother Nature. Its place in the global market for culinary produce is recognized as one of the earliest. With more and more cups of coffee, (now approximately 2.25 billion being consumed every single day), an equivalently growing number of coffee bean-producing regions are now being recorded. Ecuador, Ethiopia, Vienna, Rome, and Paris are among the most famous suppliers of high-quality beans all over the world.

In places throughout the United States and in almost all countries all over the world, premium coffee has taken on an ever more vital role among the most sought-after gourmet products.

People have become more attentive to the way beans are cultivated by bare hands, grown and harvested with utmost care, roasted and packed, and eventually sold through the most superior methods known to mankind. On top of this focus on the production of coffee beans, people have also became more interested in the way coffee is brewed to satisfy the highest of tastes.

Here is a list of the most renowned coffee machines, famous for their ability to brew the best cups of coffee in the world. Prepare yourself for some stimulating enumeration of the best machines for coffee enthusiasts, ranging from the most out-of-this-world NASA empowered espresso machine to a $20,000 Japanese siphon being used in a calm café setting in San Francisco. These pieces of equipment definitely play a vital role in transforming a simple cup of coffee into the most delectable and invigorating culinary art.

#10 The Blossom One, sold at $11,111

Believe it or not, this beauty was invented by the best people from Apple, Tesla, and NASA. They were hired by Blossom, a San Francisco-based company, to create such limited-edition equipment for the creation of coffee at the highest of standards.

Putting into use the makers’ fortes, of course, this machine was made with built-in WiFi that can be used to download recipes that are dedicated to individual roasters and a 1.3MP camera so that baristas can easily scan QR codes from coffee beans. All these were combined with some manual parts, such as a manual plunger, and individual control modules for temperature, pressure, time, and volume to concoct the perfect coffee that will match a variety of predilections.

The manufacturer has given serious brewers the option to choose from a number of custom designs combined with modern stainless steel: walnut, sapele, teak, mahogany, or zebrawood to added a semi-vintage elegant look that will completely complement classy cafes and restaurants.

Update: Priced at $5,950

#9 The Bunn Tiger XL Super-Auto Espresso Machine at $12,000


Bunn boasts of powerful brewing capacities, as with the Bunn XL-5, a Super Automatic all-in-one coffee machine. This $12,000 coffee machine has the ability to brew up to 180 cups of coffee per hour, and can hold about four pounds of different coffee beans in its two hoppers. The catch is, it is less than 16 inches wide—definitely a small package that brings big things to this coffee-run world.

This espresso machine has pod capabilities and allows baristas to team and monitor the temperature of milk at the same time using its digital wand. Also included is a modular brew chamber that completes that whole package for a trouble-free, efficient brewing experience.

#8 The Fully Automated Astra 2000, available for $12,500


Fully automatic, the Astra 2000 can easily make a variety of coffee beverages in a matter of a few simple steps, and at the same time can stand as a conventional espresso machine. This machine will grind whole coffee beans, tamps the coffee grounds, then extracts the right amount of coffee. The Astra 2000 also posses a powerful steam wand for frothier or creamier foam, and a handy coffee bean grinder that ensures every cup of coffee brewed comes from freshly ground beans.

#7 Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Semi-Auto Espresso Machine (3 Group), priced at $13,500

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia - Semi-Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

Created by the world-famous Nuova Simonelli based in Italy, the Aurelia buy cheap topamax 50mg Semi-Automatic 3 Group multi-purpose espresso machine is not only a master in brewing the best coffee, but is also a star in the World Barista Championships. Because of its build and features, the Aurelia Semi-Automatic is the competition’s official espresso equipment.

For over 70 years, Nuova Simonelli has been manufacturing espresso machines that are used to produce the finest brews on earth. This competitive machine guarantees precise temperatures with the use of a special controlled brew boiler. Its boiler can hold 17 liters of water, and sports a more elegant style with durable leather handles that takes extra care of its high-end Teflon-lined portafilter.

Updated: Priced at $9,315

#6 Concordia Integra at $14,950

A concept brought about by the pioneer in percolation, the Concordia Integra is absolutely something that upholds the integrity of the creator of the first fully automated coffee machine ever.

Doing away with the manuals, and entrusting it all to technology’s increasing capacity to take control of everything (including the creation of our daily dose of caffeine), Concordia has given birth to its digital barista by the name of Integra.

The machine can be utilized to make a variety of drinks such as blended teas, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate, and different iced beverages. This espresso machine is also favored with high-volume settings such as in hotels and buffets.

#5 Franke Evolution 1 Step for $18,000

Franke Evolution 1-Step Espresso Machine

This hi-end fully automatic espresso machine can grind, brew, steam and froth without having to ever move the cup. And can brew up to 90 double shots of espresso per 1 hour.

Apart from being fully automatic, the Franke Evolution features 2 precision burr grinders and hoppers which can hold for more than 2.8 pounds of coffee. Its Auto-steam system also puts world class steaming and frothing at your fingertips.

#4 The Elegant Elektra Belle Epoque Coffee Machine, worth $18,200

Elektra Belle Epoque Coffee Machine

Bring back the charms of the past with the Elektra Belle Epoque. The craftsman from Belle Epoque gave their best and successfully forged noble metals, alternating moments of the ancient processes with advanced methods. Highly original where beauty, reliability and functionality merge together, no replica can ever come close to it. Also features 6 programmable doses for coffee, along with a manual override for discerning baristas.

#3 The Rancilio Classe 10, priced at $18,500

Rancilio Classe 10 USB Version

A creation of the Rancilio, an Italian-based coffee machine manufacturing company, the Classe 10 embodies advanced technology and highly developed electronic systems, making it top of the range. The machine is equipped with Rancilio USB technology in which the software provides total control of the espresso machine for an ultimate working comfort.

It also features an electric cup warmer which ensures the cups are kept at optimum temperatures since it’s crucial to make quality espressos. With the USB, the warmer can be adjusted with 3 temperature level options.

#2 The Siphon Bar @ the Blue Bottle Cafe at $20,000

Siphon Bar at the Blue Bottle Café

Photo by Wally Gobetz

The Siphon Bar, used at the Blue Bottle Café branches in New York City and San Francisco, is used to brew coffee as a form of art. It uses traditional vacuum brewing via its halogen-powered heat, spherical stacked glass globes, and bamboo paddles that are used to stir the grounds manually.

By stirring the coffee rounds by hand less than four times within 45 to 60 seconds, the most favored and sought-after siphon brews are made and served by high-class baristas. It is a procedure used by some of the most determined coffee aficionados in the world.

#1 Javabot, found @ the Roasting Plant, costing $1,000,000


Photo by mcotner

The Roasting Plant, a high-end café that can be found in different locations in Detroit and New York, is home to the $1-milllion Javabot machine. This amazingly costly espresso maker does the full process each time a cup of coffee is ordered. It roasts, then grinds & brews the beans right there and then, to provide the most tasty, stimulating, and truly delectable cup of coffee for all serious coffee drinkers out there.

The Javabot displays a chain of storage columns with fresh coffee beans. They are measured by cup, and transported to the roaster via curved cylinders, and brought back to the columns where they await their final destination within 48 hours. The roasted beans are either ground and brewed, or packed with the most favorable flavor. No wonder it’s worth a million!

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