Japanese Iced Coffee VS Cold Brew Method

Iced Coffee
There are times when it’s more enjoyable to drink iced cold coffee than hot coffee especially on a sunny day. But which coffee brewing methods taste more delicious when serving iced coffee. Is it cold brew served with ice or the Japanese iced coffee method? Cold brew is a coffee brewing method where the brewed coffee can either be served hot or cold. It is done by immersing coarser coffee grounds in water, at room temperature, for between 12 and 24 hours for the flavor of the grounds to be extracted. You can use a paper filter, French press or the Toddy system, to filter out the grounds when making cold brew. According to research, based on several studies,taste tests published indicate that people much preferred the taste of the Japanese style iced coffee than cold brew.

Why Japanese iced coffee tastes better?

Japanese iced coffee owes its success to combining hot coffee extraction and instant cooling. Hot water, can better dissolve solids from the grounds and this happens best at 195 to 205 Fahrenheit. Whereas with cold water, coffee will dissolve incompletely, leaving behind many soluble substances in the coffee that will not make it out of the coffee grounds and into the water. This is what’s happening in the cold brewing process. Even after immersing grounds for a prolonged period, there are still some enchanting flavors, flavors that makes coffee so special, which will not come forward as the grounds are not fully dissolved in the brewing process.

Another good reason why Japanese iced coffee is better, is that by having the coffee brewed in hot water topamax online (near boiling point), and immediately dripping the coffee down into the ice, it will lock the great aromatic flavors into the coffee, and doesn’t just evaporate into the air. The beautiful aromatics that you smell rising into the air, from a hot cup of coffee, will not escape with Japanese iced coffee. So when we drink it, it packs a punch of beautiful aromatics making iced coffee tastier thanks to an olfactory-flavor punch.

To make a Japanese iced coffee, it takes roughly 4 minutes to brew compared to the 12-24 hours of the cold brew method. Serving freshly brewed coffee is the best way to go. The Japanese method is a clear winner when making iced coffee because of the simplicity & convenience, and best of all – the flavor. But of course, not everyone will agree as we all have different preferences when it comes to how we like our coffee. for example, many think that cold brew is much better with milk, as it best complements the sweetness of dairy, as compared to the Japanese style.

We just love the science behind making great tasting coffee. The coffee industry is always changing and improving. Iced coffee has become more popular than ever and there are several iced coffee recipes that you can find on the internet or when getting iced coffee at specialty coffee shops. And as our preference is the Japanese method for making iced coffee, we have a video for you on how to make the perfect Japanese Styled Iced Coffee.


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