7 Fascinating Health Rewards of Drinking Coffee

Taking a cup of coffee in the morning

There are some who look forward to waking up early in the morning so that he or she could take their favorite brew – a hot cup of delicious coffee. While most people think that the benefit of drinking coffee is just so they can feel – more awake, with more energy and focus or concentration, what most of the people do not know is that drinking coffee is also amazingly good for the health. Let us look at the main evidence-based health benefits of taking coffee, that have been proved through scientific studies.


Health Benefits of Taking Coffee – The Studies that Proves Coffee Is Healthy

1. Drinking coffee can give you energy and even make you smarter – Coffee lovers can tell you that after taking coffee, they felt more energized and even smarter, now science has confirmed it. As stated in research that coffee actually helps people feel less fatigue and more energized, because of the caffeine found in coffee. Several controlled tests show that coffee improves different functions of the brain. These include the general cognitive function, energy level, reaction times, focus or concentration, the ability to do work, and good mood.

2. Coffee can also help people to lose weight – There is a reason why most fat burning supplements contain caffeine. Caffeine is a substance that’s proven to enhance fat burning and several studies have already revealed that it boosts the metabolism. The studies show that caffeine enhanced burning of fat by 10 – 30 percent. This is not true for everyone, however. For example according to hypothyroidmom.com  coffee can have negative affects for those with Thyroid conditions. If you ahve a low thyroid output it might be best to limit your coffee intact and take a quality Thyroid support Supplement

3. Coffee contains some important nutrients – There are many nutrients found on coffee beans such as: Vitamin B and B5, Magnesium, ordering topamax Manganese, Potassium, Niacin and also potent antioxidants.

4. Lowers the risk of type 2 Diabetes – There are many people that are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the US and it is going up and becoming epidemic. Although, it is not that clear why coffee drinkers have a decreased risk of having type2 diabetes, studies demonstrated that people who consume coffee have a 20-50 percent lower risk. And each daily cup of coffee taken leads to a 7 percent reduced risk of having Type2 Diabetes.

5. Coffee could protect you from having Alzheimer and Dementia – Alzheimer’s disease is a common neurodegenerative disease. There are several studies that show that people who consume coffee have up to a 65% low risk of having Alzheimer.

6. Caffeine protects the liver – Most of us know that the liver is an important organ and it’s also responsible for other important functions of the human body. Many liver diseases could lead to serious conditions like cirrhosis, in which liver has been replaced mostly with scar tissue. Studies show that drinking coffee protects against cirrhosis. Coffee consumers who take a minimum of 4 cups of coffee daily have up to 80 percent lower risk of having cirrhosis. Caffeine may also reduce fatty liver.

7. Coffee could end depressed moods and makes you happier – Depression is a really bad mental disorder that could lead to serious reduction in quality of life. About 5 percent in the population of America are clinically depressed. There are studies that showed people who take several cups of coffee daily have reduced the risk of suicide and being depressed. If you are feeling depressed or having a poor moods, why not try to drink a cup or two of delicious coffee and see if it’s true.

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