Bodum Brazil French Press Review

Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker, BlackThe Bodum Brazil is an attractive French press coffeemaker with functional design, at an affordable price. This French press has already proven that it works just as well as the more expensive models such as the Bodum Chambord, and other brands like Kona or Sterling Pro.

While most of the other Bodum French presses retain the classic and timelessness feel of the French press, the Brazil managed to evolve presenting a fun and vibrant coffee brewer that still makes the same high quality French press coffee.

The Body

The Bodum Brazil comes in different sizes and colors for you to choose from.

Sizes: (3 cups or 12 oz), (8 cups or 34 oz) and (12 cups or 51 oz)

Colors: black, red, white, and lime green

Bodum Brazil - size and color varietes

The Brazil is made from premium-quality glass and plastic, making it durable and reliable for many years to come. The carafe is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and a BPA free plastic (polypropylene) handle and base. The plastic framework, especially the bottom edge, help protect the unit from damage due to accidental impact. This is a great improvement to have when switching from other French press models. But if ever you still accidentally break the glass carafe, you can easily find replacement parts online.

The domed lid is made of smooth PP plastic (Polypropylene) and contains the Bodum safety & aroma seal that keeps the coffee warm. This also keeps the lid in place when pouring. Although you need a more insulated mug if you really want to keep the coffee warm for a long period of time, or to avoid further extraction that will cause bitterness.

The Plunge

Bodum 3-Part Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

Even though you can clearly see the plastic parts of this French Press, rest assured that all the filter parts are stainless steel with no plastic. The Brazil buy cheap topamax features a 3-piece stainless steel mesh filter, a metal rod and a knob for the press. There are only minor reports that some grounds are able to get through into the coffee. But those who reported this, admitted trying to get the very last drops of coffee. There are no grounds transferring from a full load.

The Taste

Bodum Brazil - pressing the plunger

Numerous consumers that have changed from drip coffee and coffee pods to French press coffee stated that they don’t ever see themselves going back again (unless they are in a rush). The taste comparison between paper filtered coffee, versus the coffee made from the Bodum Brazil French press is beyond amazing. Consumers are satisfied and happy, knowing that they are only 4 minutes away from a delicious cup of home brewed coffee. And no more buying paper filters.

The Cleaning

All parts of the Brazil are dishwasher safe. Most consumers also find that the parts are easy to hand wash using hot soapy water, then rinse clean and dry. But not as easy as drip coffeemakers when disposing of used coffee grounds or pods.

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.5 stars (1,828 Customer Reviews)
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Instead of shiny metal surfaces, the Bodum Brazil is made more of polypropylene which makes it more fun and colorful. This would appeal to coffee lovers with more playful personalities who don’t mind a press with bright colors. But you can also choose the black version if you prefer. The Bodum Brazil has the best reviews and the lowest price, when compared to other top rated coffee presses. This will also suit people who are on a tight budget but enjoy a smooth, rich cup of coffee.

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