Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee maker Review

Taste Coffee Differently with the Hamilton Beach 49980A

Hamilton Beach 49980A
The Hamilton Beach 49980A is an amazing coffee machine. It is known as the Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer and this is why: You can brew only as much coffee as you need from a single serving up to a full 12-cup pot for company or the whole family. The single-serve side is perfect for either one cup of coffee with breakfast or a full size travel mug of coffee for the morning commute. The carafe-side will brew a complete glass carafe of coffee. In essence, you have two coffee machines combined into one single machine.

The Hamilton Beach 49980A also operates with a number of brewing options to help you personalize the kind of coffee you like to make. This includes a strength selector that can produce regular or bold strength. There is also a pod holder that snaps onto the single-serve brew basket. This will enable it to hold soft pods so you can brew a cup with your favor variety without having to use the entire machine for a single cup if you don’t want to.

The front control panel has a display that has multiple read outs including hour and minute buttons so you can program the Hamilton Beach 2 way coffee maker to brew a cup or pot of fresh coffee so that it is ready as soon as you get into the kitchen for that instant morning pick-me-up. The timer will allow you to program a brew time up to a full 24-hours in advance. There’s also a 2-hour automatic shut off built into the Hamilton Beach 49980A so that coffee sitting in the glass carafe doesn’t stay warm all day and therefore reduces the energy use of this unit.

The soft pod option on this Hamilton Beach Coffee maker allows you to still experience the taste and sense of a cup of freshly ground coffee with a number of the steps removed. Soft pods are pre-packaged containers of flavored coffee that are pre-measured and perfect for a quick cup of coffee without the time consuming parts of scooping, measuring, and reparing for your next cup of coffee. With a soft pod you just buy topamax cheap drop one into the attachment that snaps into the single-serve side of the brewer and you are set to make a fast cup of your favorite flavored coffee.

Online reviews for the Hamilton Beach 49980A are mostly positive with much praise directed at the optional one-cup or one-pot brewing sides. It really does make this a coffee machine that does the work of two different machines. The single side uses a mesh filter which has been very effective in creating a tasty coffee flavor for consumers who own this product. The basket filter in the carafe side of the machine is also made of good quality material that works well with the design.

Another feature that online reviewers like about the Hamilton Beach 49980A is the brewing options between regular and bold. The single side brewer can also be used to make a cup of tea by just inserting a tea bag in the mesh filter. As the two sides work independently of each other, you cannot brew with both at the same time. This is a problem for some reviewers but it is also viewed as a bonus by others. Because each side is separate, you can also pre-program either side which is a handy extra feature for the single serving crowd. The back lit clock has received both positive and negative feedback online. Those who like it have no issue with it where some say the back lit design makes the clock too dark.

Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.3 stars (3268 Customer Reviews)
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Overall, this is one of our best coffee makers, as it is actually a two-in-one. It does all the work of a quality drip coffee maker or of a single serve coffee maker cleverly combined in the same package. If you desire a reliable coffee brewer that can make small or large batches at any time, as well as when programmed to do so, the Hamilton Beach 49980A is far more than just a fancy looking coffee machine – it is an amazingly practical and functional kitchen appliance you will rely on daily.

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