Hamilton Beach Brewstation 48464 -12 Cup Coffee Maker Review

Hamilton Beach BrewstationEven though Hamilton Beach merged with Proctor Silex in 1990, it has a long standing history with American consumers. In fact, when Hamilton Beach was founded in 1910, it quickly grabbed a market that was eager for all kinds of kitchen gadgets at affordable prices.Today, the Hamilton Beach Brewstation 48464 12-Cup offers reliable service and excellent coffee to consumers that continue to prefer this brand over others.

Hamilton Beach Brewstation 48464 Offers Convenience and Affordable Pricing

No matter whether you are familiar with Hamilton Beach appliances or not, rest assured that someone in your family or among your friends has heard of the company. Therefore, if you are thinking about purchasing their products, you will usually find it easy enough to learn directly about their reputation from others around you.

Features of the Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach Brewstation offers some features that you just won’t find in most conventional coffee makers, for example, you do not get a glass carafe to catch the brewed coffee, instead, you just put your own cup under the dispenser and get a cup of coffee whenever you please.

This particular coffee maker features an internal reservoir which is fully insulated and able to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature without burning it.

Some other features include:

  • Capable of producing 12 cups of coffee per brew cycle
  • User can choose to make only 1 – 4 cups
  • Suitable for making iced coffee
  • Optional Brewing strengths from regular through to Strong
  • Removable water tank provides easy of access
  • Use defined auto shutoff.

Benefits of the Coffee Maker

No matter how much you might love a cup of hot coffee, there are also times when the heat of the day can make you wish for something a bit cooler. Unlike other coffee makers on the market today, you can simply set the Hamilton Beach Brewstation  to make iced coffee.

Some other benefits offered by the unit include:

  • Lets you know when it needs cleaning with vinegar
  • Easy to program
  • Very easy to fill the water buy topamax 25mg reservoir
  • Permanent filter reduces cost of paper filters
  • Meets the same reputation for durability as other Hamilton Beach products


Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.3 stars (2,312 Customer Reviews)
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What Users Like about the Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach Brewstation Summit is similar to its predecessors in the sense that consumers who loved older models find the same value in this one. Most customers that used this unit were very happy with the quality of the coffee as well as the ease of programming and ability to fill the water reservoir easily.

Here are some other things consumers liked about the Hamilton Beach Brewstation 12-Cup:

  • Very easy to keep clean
  • Temperature of coffee always perfect
  • Cannot tell the difference between first cup of coffee brewed and last in any given cycle
  • Does not drip, leak, or show other signs of malfunction
  • Small enough to fit in just about any space. Since the water reservoir is removable, filling it is easy to accomplish even in very tight spaces.

What Users Don’t Like About The Unit

Perhaps it can be said that when you are used to brewing a pot of coffee, you are accustomed to having a carafe that holds several cups at one time. No matter whether you are pouring a cup of coffee just for yourself, or several other people, not having a glass pot tends to be uncomfortable.

While some people liked not having a glass pot to worry about in terms of breakage, just as many others would have preferred to have it on hand. Needless to say, these people felt that it made no sense for a 12 cup coffee maker to be designed in a way that only one cup of coffee could be drawn from it at a time.

Some other things people didn’t like about the unit includes:

  • Wire is too short
  • Color and shape are unappealing. While most were not bothered by the black color of this particular model, the metallic silver was a bit garish and did not seem to fit well in their kitchen.
  • Has a very loud sound when making coffee
  • Some people have noticed a range of manufacturer defects including issues with dripping and leaking.
  • Difficult to get good customer service. In particular, many were concerned about shipping costs even though the product was still under warranty.


When you see that a coffee maker has a 12 cup capacity, it is very easy to think that it is perfect for people with large families or others that need to serve beverages to more than one person at a time. Even though the unit does offer the option of delivering hot and cold coffee, it is of little use for more than one person.

For example, if you are having a party, you would need to drag all the required cups to the coffee maker or have people stand in line instead of simply walking around with the glass coffee pot and filling cups at your leisure.

Overall, we have included this in our best drip coffee maker list for people that have small to medium sized families. If only one or two people in the home drink coffee, you can get away with brewing 6 – 8 cups of coffee and feel good about the taste from cup to cup. That said, if more than 2 or 3 people want coffee at the same time, this machine will not be suitable.

We also feel that Hamilton Beach 48464 Brewstation Summit 12-Cup might be ideal for small offices . If you have an office with very tight cubicles, this coffee maker might be better than trying to keep personal coffee makers on every desk. At the very least, each person will be able to enjoy a fresh brewed cup of coffee without having to clutter up their own space.

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